Canada Set To Legalise Marijuana, Renounce Religion And Reduce Guns

Canada Legalise Weed

I’m emigrating.

As if Canada wasn’t already one of the best countries in the world (I’m biased I used to live there), new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems determined to make it even better by outlining a plan to ‘bring about real change’ in Canada. This includes legalising marijuana, renouncing religion and reducing gun ownership, which I’m sure we can all agree can only be good things.

Trudeau’s whole leadership stance looks absolutely incredible to be honest. He’s appointed the most diverse cabinet in Canadian history – 50% of it is female and it also includes two aboriginal ministers, three Sikhs and two ministers with disabilities – and this generally reflects the values that he intends to embrace during his run as Prime Minister: inclusion, honesty, hard work, fiscal prudence, generosity of spirit and to ensure gender parity.

Basically it sounds like he’s actually trying to adopt policies that will benefit the whole country and people will actually give a shit about which is pretty refreshing when it comes politics these days.  It gets even better too, as over half of the members of Trudeau’s cabinet (16) are anti religion and refused to swear the nations religious oath — replacing religious references and leaving out the closing line ‘So God help me’.

Again, that’s an especially refreshing and progressive form of government considering traditional government and the current climate of the world amid a perceived brewing war between Christianity and Islam. Government and religion don’t really have any place standing together so it makes a lot of sense to keep them separate – we can only hope that more countries follow Trudeau’s lead.

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In addition to this, Trudeau’s mandate includes plans to prohibit discrimination against gender identities — including members of the LGBT community — and repeals to the firearms act to reduce the number of handguns and assault weapons. He also wants to legalise marijuana, despite significant protests and opposition from the Hell’s Angels. They stand to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and dollars if the resolution is passed.

Trudeau also intends to make government more transparent and open:

Government and its information should be open by default.

It is important that we acknowledge mistakes when we make them.

Canadians do not expect us to be perfect — they expect us to be honest, open, and sincere in our efforts to serve the public interest.

Wow, this guy sounds too good to be true really doesn’t he? I’m slightly worried that it’s only going to be so long before some dark skeleton comes out of his closet and disgraces him to get him out of the picture, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that doesn’t happen because it’s crazy that there’s finally someone in government that most ‘normal’ people in the world can relate to.

It makes sense that Canada would be the only country smart enough to elect someone like this to office.  Still, Trudeau hasn’t quite gone as far as Mexico and declared smoking weed a human right, but he’s definitely off to a good start.


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