A Can Of Strongbow Cider Is Healthier Than An Avocado

Strongbow Avocado

Millennials were wrong.

Love them or hate them, there’s silly no ignoring avocados in the millennial landscape as they came from literally nowhere to be recognised as one of the best super foods around.

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Unfortunately though, not everything you might have heard about them is correct, as Slimming World is now claiming that a can of Strongbow Dark Fruits cider is actually healthier than an avocado. Well, in some ways at least.

The diet plan puts a Syn Rating on all types of food and drink which is out of a maximum of 15 and avocados clock in at a  massive 14, with a can of the cider only hitting a 9.5. The reason for this is simple – the avocado has a high fat content and can contain up to 320 calories whereas the can of Strongbow only contains 229 calories.

However, the avocado offers a lot more in terms of nutrition than the cider, as the Slimming World website explains:


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If you want to eat avocado regularly, you will have to think about the rest of your diet a bit more carefully.

Compared with other high-fat foods, avocados are a healthy option.

At around 150kcal per half an avocado, compared with around 20kcal for a similar amount of broccoli or a small orange, their energy contribution must be taken into consideration if you are trying to reduce your weight.

So basically, if you’re trying to lose weight stay off the avocados completely and maybe have a cheeky cider every now and again. If you actually want some good stuff to happen to your body though, then it’s probably worth still keeping it in your diet for all those beneficial nutrients. Just be aware it’s making you fatter too.

Or alternatively, check out all the reasons why avocados suck and never bother with them ever again. It’s an idea.


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