You Can Now Spend Upwards Of £270 On A Designer Pair Of Already Ruined Kicks

What’s the fucking point?

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of kicks will understand the pain when they get their first grubby mark despite making a huge effort to avoid any mud or puddles – that’s why expensive cleaning products like Crep Protect exist. It’s even worse when you have to chuck your favourite pair out because they’ve got a hole in and they’re no longer water proof. Luckily for us though, the distressed sports shoe is now deemed trendy.


I think fashion has gone too far this time. A company called Golden Goose Deluxe Brand have started marketing pre-ruined trainers to the fashionistas of the world. That’s right, for a mere £270 you could get your hands on the cheapest pair of grubby creps, already wrecked so you don’t have to bother.

Talk about a waste of money. You might as well get any old pair from a charity shop – for the same price you could be looking at a hundred or more sets of on trend shoes. Bargain.

Imagine trying to get into some sort of swanky venue and getting turned away at the door for not being dressed properly whilst knowing you’ve shed out a month’s rent on a whack pair of designer shoes. A very “distressing” thought indeed.


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