Can CBD Lotion Help Me Relax?

The skin deserves some love, and the best way to do this is to pamper it with lotion. However, many only pick the bottle that catches their eye first, a popular one, or that which is priced just right. The cautious buyer goes the extra mile and checks the scent, expiry dates, ingredients, and preservatives used. With medicinal CBD’s approval, you can now expect more from a lotion than what you are accustomed to. Lotions with CBD are not only great for the skin, but they also help you relax. Many people shy away from trying them out for fear of getting high, but THC is low and does not cause such effects. Others question their capabilities to help them relax. So how does it do this?

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1)            Relieves Pain

In today’s world, pain seems to be inevitable. A busy schedule in a demanding job, a list of chores, and an active social life leave you little or no time to rest. The body gets exhausted and hurts so bad that all you can do is pop a few tabs to ease the pain and move a little. It gets worse if you are suffering from chronic illness pain such as arthritis, MS, and neuropathic system pain. Applying a CDB lotion on the affected muscles and joints can help relieve the pain and get you working and walking in no time. CBD contained in the lotion seeps through the skin and activates endocannabinoids that help release pain-relieving hormones. It also helps activate pain-relieving neurotransmitters such as endorphins that send signals to relieve pain. With the pain gone, you can now relax comfortably and lead a pain-free life.

2)            Relieves Anxiety

Before Covid, people were still struggling with anxiety and uncertainty of what tomorrow would bring their way. Others were anxious due to the fear of public speaking and presentations. The crisis only heightened the situation, and people are more anxious than ever now. With limited association and interactions, it gets hard to share and relieve anxiety. A lotion containing CBD can go a long way in helping you relieve stress, anxiety and help you relax. The lotion activates serotonin, a hormone that controls moods and feelings, helping the body normalize. It also sends chemical signals to both the CNS and PNS, which relaxes the muscles and body, taking with it the anxiety.

3)            Contains Antioxidants that Relieves Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress comes from free radicals released as energy from the body. The free radicals are waste from cell activities. It also comes from exposure to ingested and environmental toxins such as fluoride and smoke. The radicals are negatively charged. They attract others of the same kind, creating a chain reaction. This leaves you with oxidative damage, and you feel sick and exhausted. Lotion with CBD releases it into the bloodstream, and its anti-oxidation abilities kick in immediately. It supplies electrons pairing the unpaired. When combined with other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, they create a synergetic effect reversing the oxidative damage. This leaves you feeling better and healthy enough to carry on with your day.

4)            Insomnia

Sleepless nights come about when you are tired, stressed, in pain, or suffering from insomnia. Lack of sleep leaves you tired, and your brain functions much slower. Over time, the effects worsen, and you are likely to suffer from poor nutrition and frail health for lack of enough rest. Applying a lotion that could take away all this sounds so good to be true, but it works. A lotion containing CBD works by penetrating the skin and relieving body fatigue. It also boosts hormones. In return, the hormones help your body recover and relax by stimulating sleep. Additionally, when applied on pain spots, it alleviates the pain helping you sleep better.

5)            Soothes the Skin

Acne, spots, and other skin conditions result from the body’s reactions projected on the outside. Without knowing it, many who are not confident in their skin avoid presentations, gatherings, and interviews for lack of confidence and self-esteem. Some end up ruining their skin some more by using cheap and harmful products in search of better. Cannabinoid lotion, when used, does not only heal the current conditions, it prevents future outbreaks by controlling your skin’s activities. It forms a protective layer over it, preventing dirt from getting in the pores. It also moisturizes the skin giving you a glow that can boost your confidence and morale to take the podium again without feeling anxious or scared. The best thing about it is that you can use it together with other products such as sunscreen and makeup for a full-blown look.


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