This Famous Feminist Writer Ripped Taylor Swift Apart For The Dumbest Reason Imaginable

This woman is everything that’s wrong with feminism.

Famous feminist writer Camille Paglia has taken it upon herself to write a brutal critique of Taylor Swift, referring to her as an obnoxious feminist barbie’ whose ‘twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth’.

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I think that last bit says all you need to know about the writer and why she’s hating on Taylor Swift.

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68-year-old Paglia criticises Swift for ‘perpetuating elitism and undermining female empowerment by surrounding herself with a group of girls who are simply performance props’.

She says anytime Swift gets on stage it’s ‘exhibitionist overkill’.


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So this lady seems like the exact type of feminist who hates pretty much everyone and everything. Oh what Taylor Swift is a Nazi because she’s an attractive blonde who reminds Paglia of the girls that used to terrorise her in school? She can’t stand to see a group of girls having fun because it takes her back to her school days where she got bullied by girls just like them. Awah.

And that’s why there’s so many feminists out there who we have a hard time taking seriously. It’s not about equality for all, it’s about some loser who wants to ruin everyone else’s fun as some kind of twisted payback on them for being attractive and popular.

If this woman was really all about girl power she’d be bigging up Taylor Swift to the moon, not calling her a Nazi because she’s jealous of her.

Come on Paglia, you almost make Farrah Abraham’s take on feminism sound genius.


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