The New ‘Call Of Duty’ Game Is Going Back To The Battlegrounds Of World War 2


Return to form.

People have been pretty excited about the new ‘Call Of Duty’ game ever since it was announced that they were ditching all the futuristic shit to go back to what made the franchise great in the first place – the old battlegrounds of World War 2.

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The first multiplayer trailer dropped as part of E3 yesterday and to say that it looks like it’s going to be a return to form would be an understatement. There’s probably only one word to describe it all really and that’s ‘hectic’.

Hold tight:

Yeah, doesn’t really let up for a second there does it? I especially liked that part where it looked like you could guide the bomb on the bunker, and when you went up behind that German soldier and just slashed him up real good. You’ve gotta love the brutal kills that are just such an integral part of ‘Call Of Duty’ folklore – it’s great to see them back again.

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