Innocent Man Casually Observing Public Street Fight Gets Knocked The Fuck Out (VIDEO)

Streetfight Knockout

You don’t want a front row seat at this fight, as one guy finds out.

How do you react when you witness a fight kick off in public? Do you whip out your camera phone in hopes of that sweet knockout footage? Do you try to intervene/diffuse the situation? Or do you make like the guy in this video and grab yourself a front row seat inches away from the action?

If it’s the most latter, then you might want to make sure you don’t get too close.

Watch below:

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The fuck was in that bag? A bowling ball? Guy got completely knocked out cold and the most confusing thing is why. Was the dude even involved in the fight? Did he get knocked out on purpose? Maybe because I don’t ever really find myself in these situations it’s hard to understand what’s going on. Regardless I’ve learnt one thing from this video and that’s to keep my head on a swivel at all times, even if I’m not directly involved in the fight.

Better yet, always mind your own business on public transport, even when sat next to one of these dickheads.


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