Bye Bye Brooks-y. Rebekah Brooks has finally resigned from News International – can we get a ‘hallelujah’?

It’s no secret that Rupert Murdoch’s empire has been under immense scrutiny ever since the phone hacking scandal of his widest selling paper The News of the World, and the accusations that followed. It caused him all manner of trouble, losing him his BSkyB buy out and said phone hacker employing, Sunday gossip newspaper. It has to be said, however, that his crony Rebekah Brooks, who was editor of The News of the World when one of the most prominent phone hacking scandals was underway (that of Milly Dowler) has received just as much, if not more, criticism from the public. Why did she get to keep her job whilst those who didn’t even work at the paper at the time were now jobless? Well, joys unbound, both Rebekah and her untameable 80’s hair have said ‘Adios’ to News International and that fifteen minutes of fame they had.

Rebekah, who fashions a seemingly similar hairstyle to that of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (only, clearly, Julia rocked that look a lot better… 20 years ago), released a statement in which she professed her feeling of “deep responsibility for the people we have hurt”. She continued with her grovelling apology statement by reiterating how sorry she was (again) and that the paper had done well to fix problems in the past and blah, blah, blah. If I’m honest, I can’t help but wonder if she’s sorry, or sorry that she was found out?

Rebekah Brooks

Murdoch, who backed Brooks ever since the scandal broke, went to apologise to murdered Milly Dowler’s family this afternoon — it’s about time, really. He is also scheduled to release a public apology in a national newspaper this Saturday for all the paper did wrong — again, took him long enough. No doubt News of the Globe will be in newsagents by the end of the summer.

Brooks’ resignation comes after mounting pressure put on herself and News International from the media and the public after allegation after allegation of various phone hacking scandals. I mean that’s why her hair is so big; it’s full of secrets…


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