B*Witched launch their comeback to the world of pop dressed as Lady Gaga and an Alien’s love child.

If you are of a similar age to me then there is a high chance that when you were younger you would have been a fan of the late 90’s pop band, B*Witched. If this is the case then you will be extremely happy to know that the twins from the group (Keavy and Edele Lynch) have made their long awaited comeback (hint of sarcasm intended). They’ve sacked off the other two members of the band and adopted a new name, Barbarella.

I’ve gone overboard on the excitement in that introduction, because in all honesty I never liked B*Witched – the way they danced really annoyed me and I didn’t like the fact that they were speaking French in their songs yet they were an Irish band. Clearly my young brain couldn’t handle the confusion because in retrospect that is a trivial issue in comparison to the fact that they were just generally shit. However, the twins are now back and they’re seemingly more desperate than ever.

Before slating the song, I must take a moment to appreciate their ridiculous outfits. They look like Lady Gaga before a space mission. The song is basically just a more modern, computer generated version of the generic pop hits they unfortunately released at the end of the 90’s. It’s just a shame that music has progressed and children aren’t as easily pleased, otherwise they may have managed to hit the top of the charts once again. It really isn’t looking likely that this comeback track will get them anywhere though is it?

Sorry Barbarella, maybe you should have just dressed up as the love child of Lady Gaga and an Alien, and just re-released ‘C’est La Vie’ instead.


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