Check Out This Burning Man Hyperlapse Video Of All The Crazy Shit That Goes On There


Do you even burn bro?

The Burning Man festival is allegedly one of the craziest places on Earth, where everyone just goes back to nature and primitive civilisation in the middle of the desert and gets up to God knows what.

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Well, you can get some idea of the shenanigans that go on in Burning Man by checking out the following hyperlapse video from the legendary festival of debauchery:

Great. I mean I suppose loads of fire, lights, weird robot shit and a van shaped like a shark is cool and worth driving out into the middle of the desert for a week to experience? Seems like 70,000 people think so and are willing to pay $1000 for in any case.

The big question though is whether or not Burning Man became too commercial in recent years though? This group of protestors though so – and decided to vandalise one of the rich boy camps to make their point.


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