Burger King Whoppers Are Two For The Price Of One Today


Merry Christmas.

I’m not gonna lie, Burger King isn’t my favourite of the traditional fast food restaurants but sometimes you just can’t beat a good old fashioned Whopper and it looks like today is the day to purchase one because you’ll get another one 100% free when you pick one up.

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Unfortunately, there is a catch with this one as you won’t be able to get your whopper right there and then – you’ll just get a voucher that you can redeem in January. The whole promotion is based around whether you’re gonna be naughty or nice i.e. give the burger to your mate or save it for yourself. Think we all know what the answer to that one is going to be don’t we.

Looks good. I mean I was initially disappointed when I saw that I couldn’t get two whoppers at exactly the same time, but to be honest would have even be able to eat them both at the same time? Probably not and as long as I manage to look after the voucher until next month then it’ll be a little treat to help with those January blues. Rate it.

For more Burger King, here they are giving away sex toys with their meal deals. Doing it all this year aren’t they?


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