Burger King Just Released A Doughnut Burger

double cheeseburger glazed donut bun (Istockphoto)

Introducing The Doughnut Whopper.

Burger King has announced a bit of news that will make stoners around the world very happy – they’re launching their first doughnut burger.

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Weirdly, the Whopper burger is going to be served in a jam doughnut. But before you go thinking Burger King have just ruined their first attempt at the doughnut burger, it turns out the jam is actually going to be replaced with ketchup.

Sadly, this wondrous creation is not available in the UK, and will only be added to the menu in Israel. The lucky bastards. But as always with these things, hopefully it will do so well that it will make its way to menus across the world.

double cheeseburger glazed donut bun (Istockphoto)

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The new burger is part of the Israeli Hanukkah celebrations, where doughnuts are traditionally eaten. Israel’s Burger King CEO said:

This matching of two popular Israeli food items was inevitable for us. We’re proud to be able to end 2016 on a creative, festive note.

At 53g of saturated fat per burger, it’s probably a good thing this is only for the festive period. Can’t be consuming that amount of crap all year round.

For more monstrous Burger King hybrids, check out their Whopperrito.


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