This Bully Just Got The Ultimate Choke-Slam-Stair-Throw-Knock-Out EVER

Bully karma at its finest.

With the amount of bully karma videos we’ve posted over the years, it’s safe to say that being a bully isn’t for everybody.

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No idea what the dispute is here but one guy is clearly being the aggressor while the other seems to be trying to avoid getting physical. Until the guy steals his hat, that is.

Watch below:

Big up the camera man for catching the moment of impact at the bottom of the stairs. You don’t typically get solid camera work like that in Internet fights videos but this guy was on the ball throughout. Another thing you don’t typically get is a guy casually doing push ups after he’s just had his skull bounce off the concrete. Just a deeply satisfying video all round really, as is the case with all bully karma videos.

To watch a school bully knock herself out during a fight outside McDonald’s, click HERE.


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