Builder, 51, Who Died After Falling From A 10ft Ladder Was Actually Killed By Coronavirus, Doctors Say

O…K then.

It sometimes feels like COVID is the only cause of death in 2020, and this story about a builder who died after falling from a 10ft ladder only fuels this theory, after doctors surprisingly declared he was killed by COVID-19.

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The unnamed man from Croatia suffered injuries to his head, face, elbow and left hand after he fell into the yard of an under construction home he was working on, reports MailOnline.

An ambulance was called and despite desperate attempts to revive him, he was declared dead at the scene. As required by local medical guidelines, a coronavirus test was then carried out on the man, and came back positive.

An autopsy revealed large sections of his lungs were blocked, leading doctors to diagnose acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) – a life-threatening condition triggered when vital organs do not get enough oxygen.

Academics at the University of Zagreb said the COVID-induced illness had caused his fall, which they argued meant the death must be recorded as a COVID-19 fatality under World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

The scientists said the evidence ‘unequivocally’ led to Covid-19 being to blame for the death —  but they didn’t explain exactly how. The man did have headaches, fatigue, fever, cough, chest discomfort and shortness of breath in the week before his death, his co-workers said. He was also a smoker and had type 2 diabetes.

There is some controversy now over the decision to list this man’s death as a COVID death. Did COVID cause this man to fall off the ladder? It’s impossible to say. If he would not have died without falling, then surely you cannot attribute his death to COVID? That would be insane, right? I mean if George Floyd tested positive for coronavirus after he died, would his death have been ruled a COVID death too?

It’s weird because the WHO defines a death from COVID as one ‘resulting from a clinically compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed Covid-19 case’, but they also say deaths where there is a ‘clear alternative cause’ should not be attributed to the virus. So God knows what the hell is going on here. Can’t wait till this virus has well and truly fucked off so that we don’t have to wrack our brains over this stuff any longer.

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