Buffalo Bill’s House From ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ Is Being Converted Into A Bed & Breakfast

Valentine’s Day 2022 sorted.

Buffalo Bill wasn’t the greatest of hosts for his basement well guests in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, but hopefully the new owners of the home will do better now that they’re converting the property into a bed & breakfast.

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The house of horrors where the fictional serial killer lived and tortured people in Perryopolis, PA, was sold last year for $300,000, and will soon be ready to house guests.

As per TMZ, the new owner – art director Chris Rowan – is planning to keep renovation ‘faithful’ to the movie, meaning he’ll install decor that fans might recognise from the film, including a replica of the infamous well where Bill kept his victims.

It’s just a shame renovation wasn’t completed in time for Valentine’s Day last week. It would have been perfect! I mean nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a trip to Buffalo Bill’s old pad where you can creep out your significant other all night doing the Buffalo Bill voice and tucking your penis between your legs to form a mangina. Yeah OK you might have a few nightmares through the night, but who sleeps that comfortably away from their own bed anyway? Only psychopaths, who I’m pretty sure are the target demographic for this bed & breakfast anyway.

I guess it will have to wait for Valentine’s Day 2022. Can’t wait to throw the missus down the well and have some fun with the hose and lotion, just like Bill would have wanted. In fact – free lotion basket in every room?

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