Budweiser Hosts The FIFA World Cup Draw: London

Budweiser took to the bars and pubs of 5 cities around the world last night to catch the reaction of the fans to the final draw for this summer’s World Cup.

The King of Beer is, and always will be Budweiser. With the 2014 World Cup coming up you can bet your beer drinking opportunities are set to rise exponentially as you back your team and celebrate with Brazil and the rest of the world.

Yesterday, December 6th, football fans paid witness to the first major event on the road to the World Cup this summer — the final draw.

Budweiser took to the bars and pubs of five cities around the world, hosting local community events in each and gaining a better insight into the fan culture, the experiences, reactions and hopes of football fans on this significant night leading into the greatest sporting event in the world.

Do England stand a chance? Are Argentina going to walk it in their group? Who will survive the Group of Death? It’s going to be a crazy summer.



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