‘Bubbling’ AKA Pissing Inside Your Own Mouth Is The New Neknomination

Goodbye neknominations, hello Bubbling.

If you’re still #Neknominating you need to get with the times bro — it’s all about Bubbling now and once again we’ve got those crazy Aussies to thank for it.

Bubbling is the act of urinating into your own mouth and taking a picture — that’s it. Pretty simple to do and chances are you won’t kill yourself doing it, though it’s also likely you’d be Neknomination-levels of pissed to actually try it in the first place.

The trend actually began as a joke but has begun to spread around Australia and there are fears it’ll come over to the UK and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Australian rugby league player Todd Carney (featured image up top) was sacked last week after a picture of him bubbling made its way online. He said it was “just a prank” and he didn’t mean to be seen as promoting the trend.

Obviously this isn’t something to get worried about the way Neknominating was, but it’s still pretty gross that it’s even a thing. Maybe we can start to worry when kids start pissing into each other’s mouths?

Still quite surprising that this dude got dropped from rugby league for doing it. Just goes to show whatever fun you’re having in your private life, keep any evidence of it far away from the Internet.


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