Watch This Guy Try The Most Telegraphed Takedown Ever And Get His Head Kicked To The Moon

Kick In The Face

This guy isn’t getting up any time soon.

If you’re gonna talk shit on someone and end up getting in a fight with them, then you had better make sure that you can back it up because otherwise you’re gonna get the absolute crap kicked out of you and look like a major bell-end in the process.

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That’s exactly what happened to the guy in the video below. It seems like he’s been talking smack for ages – at least going by what one of the girls says – and then he finally steps up for the fight. Unfortunately for him, he gets KOed with his first takedown attempt with a vicious kick to the face. It’s a major connection.


Ouch. I can’t see that guy getting up any time soon from that one – that noise it makes when he connects with his foot in the face is absolutely brutal.

The whole ‘fight’ kinda reminded me of Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, in the way the one guy just went for it and got absolutely taken down immediately. In UFC though, you’re not allowed to kick your opponent in the head when he’s grounded – I suppose that’s the main difference between these two fights.

For more savage knockouts, check out the video below:


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