Watch This Brutal Catfight At A Pool Party After Uninvited Guest Claims Her Boyfriend Is The President

Brutal Pool Party Catfight

I don’t think your boyfriend is Donald Trump babe.

I don’t think there’s much worse than some weirdo turning up at your party and ruining it for everyone and then refusing to leave, but I’m not sure if there’s any need to savagely beat the crap out of them as hard as the girl in this video gets beat.

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From what I can gather from the video below – and the context of the situation really isn’t clear – some ghetto kids were having a really trashy pool party and some other dirtbag who was completely wasted wandered in off the street and tried to join in. When the other kids weren’t happy about this, she started screaming that her boyfriend was the President (who Trump?) and then proceeded to get the absolute crap kicked out of her by two girls and sprayed with a fire extinguisher.


Yeah, that was quite the beatdown wasn’t it? Not really sure it was necessary to get quite so medieval on her ass, but I suppose she was trespassing and being a grade A moron so they needed to teach her a lesson. Probably could have done it without the fire extinguisher and extensive beats though – just pull her off the property and lock the door, there are enough of you there to do that. Easy.

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