Britney Spears Poses Completely Nude On The Beach Again; Fans Beg Her To Stop



Britney Spears seemed to be going through a moment last year after she was finally released from the conservatorship of her father, but now she’s seems to be having a bit of a breakdown again as she’s constantly posting fully nude photographs of herself on Instagram.

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The latest of these came just last night, as Britney posted a naked picture of herself on the beach wearing nothing but a red sun hat. Fortunately, she put some flower emojis over her nipples and vagina so that she wouldn’t get banned from the platform, but the snap was enough for fans to get concerned and voice their worries on social media.


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You can see them on the post there, but some of the choice comments included the following:

suspicious of your husband at this point, tbh.

Honestly if my mom was posting this stuff and I had to go to school, id hate my fucking life.

Is this all you do? Post naked in IG? I’m going to unfollow you now! Getting tired of all your naked posts ☹️
Just stop already. You are not helping yourself…

No wonder her boys are mortified!!!

Girl STOP!

Here we go again, why? Who is in charge of this account? I don’t think she is posting this, maybe this is a trip from several years ago and someone keeps posting pictures from years ago.
Brittney you are beautiful, this isn’t necessary. You’ll regret it. All of the people on here cheering you on to continue doing this don’t have your best interest. I am happy you get to make your own decisions, these pictures are not coming from a stable place. Please put some clothes on.
Etc Etc. Clearly people were all for freeing Britney, but now that she’s free from the shackles of oppression of her father and freeing her nipples all over the internet, they aren’t so happy.
I get that it may be concerning, but perhaps they should just leave her alone and let he do what she want after she was denied for so long until it starts hurting someone? Seems like she’s happy now and positively thriving so maybe we could leave her be for a bit? Just an idea.



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