This British ISIS Fighter Just Threatened A Terrorist Attack On Heathrow & Downing Street (VIDEO)

Chump of the month award goes to this guy.

Two dopey-sounding idiots have released a video threatening terror attacks on Heathrow, Gatwick and Downing Street while also celebrating this week’s bombings in Brussels.

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Both the men have London accents and probably tiny penises which is why they hate their lives and have dedicated them to ruining the lives of others.

Watch below:

Security experts reckon the men are both ISIS fighters based in Syria, alongside 400 other British extremists hiding out there.

They sound proper thick so not sure we have anything to worry about from these two in particular. Then again stupid people can be very dangerous under someone else’s guidance. I reckon they’ll probably just end up turning themselves into lamb biryani like the dude from Four Lions.

Or perhaps blow themselves up with their own rocket launcher like this ISIS moron did.


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