British Dude In ‘Serious Condition’ After Downing 75 Shots Of Sambuca In Magaluf


Not surprising really.

In what we can only hope is the stupidest story of British holidaymakers taking their excesses to the absolute limit this summer, a British dude over in Magaluf is said to be in serious condition after downing 75 shots of sambuca in a row. Jesus.

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Apparently the unnamed dude in his late 20s drank 5 pints before heading out to a club over there called Lush bar. Once there he ordered 75 shots of sambuca and downed them one after the other without stopping whilst everyone cheered him on.

Here’s what one witness had to say:

The lad was being cocky. He drank them all, one after the other.

Within minutes of going outside he collapsed on the street.

He was out cold for about 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Lad Passed Out

I’m all for getting the shots or Jagerbombs or whatever in every now and again, but to do 75 shots of sambuca sounds completely and utterly disgusting not to mention life threatening. I can’t believe anyone could even contemplate doing that. I mean I would probably puke after two, maybe even one.

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I would say props for completing it but it sounds like it was an absolutely terrible idea so no props whatsoever. If you’re stupid enough to think it’s cool then I’m gonna tell you right now it isn’t. You could have a go at the crowd for cheering him on too, but you usually accept if someone is doing a drinking challenge that they at least have some idea of what their body can handle. I think I would probably be kind of worried if I saw someone attempting to do that though – it’s just not something you could ever contemplate experiencing really is it?

You know what else wasn’t really that cool either? This guy downing a whole bottle of whiskey in 13 seconds. Bet he felt that about fifteen minutes later for the next two days.


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