British Couple Caught Getting Freaky In Magaluf While OAP Casually Walks Past

Another day in paradise.

What comes to mind when you think of Magaluf? Drunk Brits? STDs? Fish bowls filled with vomit? Sounds about right.

What used to be a picturesque resort town in Majorca is now a hotspot for boozed-up tourists who basically use the place as their dumping ground all summer. If you want a visual representation of what this place has become, just take a look at the screenshots below (full video on the following link, although be warned – it’s NSFW)…

Yep, that’s just a couple straight-up getting nasty in broad daylight as OAPs casually walk past. Depressingly, it seems like this is just part of the “fun” of living in Magaluf.

And how about the couple, eh? They barely even look conscious enough to know what they’re doing. You can only imagine the regret they’re going to feel when they come to. Grim.

For more Magaluf madness, read about the British tourist who was stabbed by hookers there when he refused to have sex with them. Yikes.


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