This Thread Showing The British Cabinet As The Opposite Sex Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Wait till you see Janet Rees-Mogg and Michelle Gove.

In today’s edition of ‘things we wish we could unsee’, we’ve got the people at @DefenceDailyUK on Twitter using FaceApp to reveal what Boris Johnson and friends would look like as the opposite sex.

Wait until you get a load of Janet Rees-Mogg…

Like I said – nightmare fuel. How good is FaceApp though? I Googled a couple of the cabinet ministers I wasn’t familiar with just to make sure I was still on the right thread and that they really had been sex-swapped. Just a bit of fun in these dreadfully serious times – why not?

The only one I think should be a bit chuffed with their sex swap though is Pete Patel AKA Priti Patel. Looks like Twitter is in agreement too…

For the time DMX’s crackhead brain couldn’t handle Snapchat’s Face Swap feature, click HERE. New technology comes at you fast.


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