Bride Cancels Wedding After Fiance Refuses To Ditch His Best Man

Bros before brides.

A bride-to-be has called off her wedding after her fiance refused to ditch his best man because she thought he wasn’t attractive enough and would ruin the wedding photos.

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The bride complained on Facebook that the best man was only 5 ft 3, had a unibrow, crap teeth, and would look ‘ridiculous’ escorting her sister down the aisle.

Here’s what she wrote (via Reddit):

A bunch of people criticised her in the comments under her status, but amazingly some were backing her up too:

Well it sounds like the fiance’s relationship with his best man is healthier than his relationship with his wife, which isn’t surprising because this girl sounds like a complete nightmare. I mean this girl is the definition of Bridezilla. The most shocking part is how many others seem to be in agreement with her.

OK I know for some women their wedding day is the most important day of their life and they want everything to be perfect, but trying to leave the best man out because he’s short and ugly? Bit harsh really.

Surely the fiance knew his wife-to-be was a grade A bitch and if not, why didn’t the best man try and stop him from marrying her?  On second thoughts he ended up dodging the bullet anyway thanks to his mate being short and gross so I guess he did his job after all.

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