Watch A Brick Get Thrown Through The Window Of This Taxi And Fracture The Skull Of An OAP

OAP Brick Smashed In Face


A real dirty video from my hometown of Birmingham here, as a gang of youths thought that it would be a completely chill and cool thing to do to spend their night throwing bricks through the windows of random taxis.

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Here’s video footage of inside one of them which was carrying two OAPs. It’s literally terrifying as they’re just hanging around in the taxi minding their own business when suddenly the glass smashes and one of them has got a brick in their face. You can see how much damage has been done by the picture above and it’s horrible listening to her screams and whimpers as the taxi driver drives them to the hospital:

Sickening. Apparently they weren’t the only people attacked by the gang on Bellevue Road on May 25th, with many other reports of bricks and stones being thrown at taxis in the area.

The taxi driver said the following about the attack:

I’d picked the pair up from the Birmingham Hippodrome at 10.17pm… they’d had a lovely evening as they informed (me) they (do) not go out much and it was a treat for the one’s birthday from a family member,” he wrote.

They’d been in my cab around three-and-a-half minutes when this happened. Is this attempted murder? I think so… It’s currently classed as damage to motor vehicle and assault.

The law really needs changing … These were BRICKS not stones and (those responsible are) also NOT KIDS… they appear to be around 18-20yrs of age.

Yeah, they sound like absolute assholes – if anyone knows anything about them they should really call the cops because you can’t really go around throwing bricks at cars and get away with it.

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