This Brewery Will Pay You To Drink Beer For A Living

Drinking Beer

Dream job.

Being a grown-up is a bit shit. You work all day in a job you hate and live for the weekend and the opportunity to go out, see your mates and drink your troubles away.

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But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like this. Not for one lucky sod, at least. Because the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, London is offering someone the opportunity to drink beer and get paid actual money to do so.

They are on the hunt for a part-time professional beer taster, who will be employed to visit their brewery every Friday to drink beer for three hours straight.

They need someone willing to try out all of their latest brews and offer up feedback and analysis on what they think.

Let’s be clear though: they aren’t expecting you to turn up, neck 10 pints and then head off for a kebab. The lucky recipient of the role will be expected to offer detailed analysis on each tipple’s taste.


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Even so, it sounds like the perfect way to start the weekend – you cut your week short by a day, spend three hours drinking at “work” and then head off to meet all of your boring 9 to 5 pals later in the afternoon.

The successful candidate can look forward to being paid an unspecified amount as well as receiving some rather mysterious sounding “beer benefits” according to the job posting on LinkedIn.

The application process isn’t too tricky either – all you need to do is head over to the LinkedIn page and apply with a 30-word post explaining why you should get the job.

Photos are also welcome, for some reason, though we can’t imagine they will be looking for any pictures of you looking worse for wear on a night out in town.

For more drinking, check out this new study that claims drinking beer can help you lose weight. Nice.


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