First Trailer For Bret Easton Ellis’s Movie ‘The Canyons’

The Canyons

Bret Easton Ellis has written an original screenplay for a movie for the first time in his career, but does it look any good? Not really.

The Canyons

I’m a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis and I was kinda excited when I heard that he was writing a movie called ‘The Canyons’ about his favourite subject, the vapid emptiness of Los Angeles living. I got slightly less excited when I found out that he had cast Lindsay Lohan and James Deen in it (James Deen is a smut star with a massive dick who Bret Easton Ellis has been a fan of for a while……wonder why he cast him in his movie huh?) but I thought that this could end up being something like Mysterious Skin where Gregg Araki took a chance on casting the kid from Third Rock From The Sun in a movie about  paedophilia and ten years later he’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a pretty big movie star in his own right. Or it could end up like when Richard Kelly decided to cast Sarah Michelle Gellar, Stifler from American Pie and The Rock in Southland Tales and all four of their careers nosedived because the movie was so terrible and made no sense. Obviously I was hopeful of the former.

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With the arrival of the first ‘real’ trailer though I’m not so sure. It’s kind of gone for a really low budget hokey grindhouse feel with tag lines appearing on the screen all the way through it like ‘she’s as sweet as sin’ and ‘the only way out is death!’ which just seems kinda forced and stupid and not cool at all. The first trailer they released was way better because it just showed a bunch of skyscrapers and cars driving around Los Angeles with everyone being disconnected from each other and even though it didn’t really reveal any of the plot or anything about it, it made it look way cooler and more post-empire/Bret Easton Ellis than this current trailer. Although in fairness it was a really bad trailer too, and kind of made it look like it was going to be a bad smut film that you might catch late on Channel 5 in 2002. I’m hoping they can turn it around and surprise me.

Take a look at both of the trailers for The Canyons below:

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