Two of my favourite people ever! OMG!

Wow, one of my favourite people Bret Easton Ellis writing about someone who was briefly my favourite person a week ago Charlie Sheen. Ok, I got pretty into Charlie Sheen last week, I admit it, but you know, it was really cool back then. If you don’t know who Bret Easton Ellis is (I’m assuming you do though because you’re reading Sick Chirpse), maybe go read my review of Imperial Bedrooms or get some kind of a clue about relevant pop culture from the last twenty years.

Anyway, this is a pretty good essay – it doesn’t really say anything I didn’t already know but Ellis writes in his usual cutting and oh so cool style that it’s impossible not to enjoy his musings on the current state of celebrity inspired by the misadventures of Sheen – a character he probably wished he had written into his next novel. Ellis even manages to coin a hip new moniker for the age of celebrity that we now live in, with the advent of Empire and Post-Empire mentality. Sure, it”s not a tagline that’s going to rival ‘winning’, but that wouldn’t be very Ellis, would it?

Check out the essay here.


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