BREAKING: Buckingham Palace Calls ‘Immediate Emergency Meeting’ With ‘All Staff’

Buckingham Palace

Several reports fear Prince Philip has died.

The Queen has called an emergency meeting with all her staff today, amid reports that Prince Phillip may be dead.

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All members of staff for the royal family across the whole country were called to an emergency meeting that will take place at Buckingham Palace.

The most senior officer of the Royal Household – Lord Chamberlain – will address the meeting, which the subject matter is yet unknown.

This extremely rare meeting has sparked concerns for Prince Phillip who is aged 95 and believed to have several health concerns.

Twitter took to the news throughout the early morning:

There have been several reports that neither The Queen nor Prince Phillip are dead, but the reason for the meeting is still unknown:

The announcement from Buckingham Palace is expected to be made after 8AM GMT.


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