Breaking Bart

Here’s a new mashup of The Simpsons and Breaking Bad to get you stoked for the next season that starts on Sunday.

Mashups can be pretty hit and miss. For every Girl Talk you have some idiot kid in his bedroom who thinks it’s cool to mash up Gotye and Calvin Harris. Sometimes that kid gets out of the bedroom and manages to DJ her shitty tracks at a festival in Sao Paulo Brazil, but that generally only happens if the kid has a penchant for celebrity sex tapes and is also named Paris Hilton. You get my point though, in general there’s only one way a mash up can go and they’re either really good, or really terrible.

Fortunately this mashup of the Simpsons and Breaking Bad, despite only being about one minute long is actually pretty great. The best thing about it is probably that the guy who made it altered the Simpson’s characters mouth movements to mimic the voiceovers. It’s the details that count and there are more than enough of these in relation to Breaking Bad too: the RV, the teddy bear and Lionel Hutz as Saul (who is pretty much the same character now that you think about it). Bart plays Jesse (obviously) and Ned Flanders is perfectly cast as Walter White. Check it out below and probably end up wishing it was longer, just like me.

We already talked about Breaking Bad and why it’s awesome and the fact that the new series is coming out HERE, so check that out if you want another Breaking Bad fix before it kicks off again on Sunday. Or maybe check out some Breaking Bad Valentines Cards if you missed those earlier this year. Also, this is pretty old but didn’t have that many views so apologies if you saw it 6 months ago or whenever.

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