Breaking Bad Remix

Walt Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad gets remixed into something more addictive than blue sky itself.

Walt Breaking Bad

In the hours leading up to 2012’s final episode of the glorious Breaking Bad, you may be regretting not getting into the series a bit earlier. If you are one of the many people whose head hangs over a crusty laptop, sweating into the keys at the sheer amount of episodes to catch up on on Netflix, this may be of interest. Or perhaps you just want a hilarious recap, or a new remix to add to your running playlist. The first two seasons have been summarised in this bodacious little remix featuring the key concepts of the show, including whiney Walt Jr, EXPLOSIONS!, Jesse’s impeccable dress sense and that guy with the…erm…bell.

Check out the video and if that’s not enough to curb your excitement, look at some of our other favourite Breaking Bad shit like the Walt Jr Loves Breakfast Tumblr page, The Simpsons’ parody Breaking Bart, or these ridiculous Breaking Bad Valentine’s Day Cards. Enjoy!

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