Someone’s Turned Every ‘Breaking Bad’ Episode Into A Feature Length Movie

Breaking Bad

Time for a rewatch.

‘Breaking Bad’ is universally recognised as one of the best television shows of all time, but it’s unlikely that any of us are going to rewatch it all again because there are 62 hours of the stuff to get through and it’s not like we’ve got all the free time in the world.

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Some guy realised that this was a problem and there was a legitimate desire for a condensed version of the show, so he decided to edit all 62 of these episodes into a 127 minute movie which you can see below. Here’s what the creator had to say about it:

What if ‘Breaking Bad’ was a movie ?

After two years of sleepless nights of endless editing, we bring you the answer to that very question. A study project that became an all-consuming passion.

It’s not a fan-film, hitting the highlights of show in a home-made homage, but rather a re-imagining of the underlying concept itself, lending itself to full feature-length treatment.

An alternative ‘Breaking Bad’, to be viewed with fresh eyes.

I haven’t actually watched it yet, but judging from the comments, reaction seems to be fairly mixed. It seems like most people are just complaining about the scenes he included though, so it just sounds like people whinging because it’s not the ‘Breaking Bad’ that they remember, which is kind of stupid because of course it’s going to be different – it’s a 127 minute reimagining of a 62 hour TV show. There’s no way it isn’t going to be completely different because of the time restriction. I’m looking forward to watching it after work.

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