Planking was last year’s internet craze. This year’s craze could be breading: putting bread on your cat’s head and taking a photo of it.


We really love cats at Sick Chirpse. We also love coming across stupid/weird/hilarious internet memes that make no sense but seem to be a cool thing to do for people with too much time on their hands. Planking was last year’s most notable meme but that seems to have sort of died out a bit, so what is this year’s meme craze going to be?

Luckily for us at Sick Chirpse, and fellow cat-lovers out there, one such meme quickly spreading across the web this year is ‘Breading’. Basically, you take a slice of  bread, cut a hole in it and then place it around your cat’s head so that it looks like some shitty mane. Even a breading Facebook group has been set up for the breading community to share their pictures and to discuss the latest goings-on in Breading World. It’s a trend that’s growing really quickly so I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the next planking – it’s just as stupid. But because it involves cats I suppose it’s much cooler than planking will ever be. Here’s some pictures of cats involved in breading and a breading fail at the bottom.

Breading fail:


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