Brazilian Woman Sells Her Virginity For $780,000

Virgins Wanted

Turns out it’s not just old games and CDs you can bid for on the internet, there are virgins too, male and female!

Virgins Wanted

Did you know that you can bid on taking a virgin’s virginity? Nope, neither did I, but you can, real freaky huh?

There’s a website where it all goes down too: VirginsWanted.com.au (yeah you go bookmark that one for later).

After a bit of poking around (L-O-L) I found out that you can indeed bid on an auction where the prize is a virgin’s virginity. Now you may ask how I ever came across this website in the first place? Well I can tell you that I wasn’t Googling on how I can pay to take a virgin’s virginity, honestly. This website’s been splashed all over the internet this morning because Brazilian woman Catarina has sold her virginity to Japanese man Natsu for a record $780,000.

Here’s a picture of Catarina posing obviously really happy that she’s about to have her hymen broke by some random Japanese pervert who’s got way too much cash – hey, things could be worse:


Catarina has pledged to spend the $780,000 on building homes in her poverty ridden state of Santa Catarina.

So what’s the big deal? Is there anything wrong with Catarina selling her virginity to the highest bidder? Probably not. Let the girl do what she wants to do. Does it make her a prostitute? Yeah probably. But do you know what the funniest/weirdest thing about this whole story is? Over at VirginsWanted.com.au (make sure you don’t miss out the .au or you’ll be met with some hardcore smut) it’s not only virgin women you can bid on, but virgin men too. Check out the dude pictured next to Catarina in the image at the top of the page, he sold his ass to some dude called Nene B for 3000 bucks – ouch. Where’s the equal rights in that?


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