Brazilian River Floods And Covers Hiking Trail In Beautiful Crystal Clear Water

Underwater hiking trail

Sometimes out in nature, some naturally occurring phenomenon happens that leaves you gasping in awe at the sheer beauty of it, and the latest one of these sights comes courtesy of the Rio de Prata ecological park somewhere in Brazil.

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Apparently the river there flooded to such high levels that it completely submerged the hiking trail, giving it a crazy underwater enchanting other worldly kinda look. Take a look at it in the video below:

Damn that looks completely awesome. Not really sure why the guy (or girl) didn’t film more because I would definitely have loved to have seen what was over the other side of that bridge, but I suppose we got this bit at least.

People are claiming that it’s fake due to the level of clearness in the water, but the park explained this by saying that it remained this way due to the conservation of the unit’s riparian forest. Not sure what that exactly means, but it looks awesome so I want to believe that it’s true.

Apparently the flooding subsided later on that day and the trail returned to normal, but it would have been awesome if this was always a regular option. Looks so beautiful and fresh.

This does actually happen regularly over in Switzerland – check out these photos if you don’t believe me. Told you.


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