Bradley Cooper Plays The Elephant Man

Bradley Cooper Elephant Man Featured

Bradley Cooper plays the Elephant man but looks more like he’s just popped a pill rather than being physically disfigured.

Bradley Cooper Elephant Man Featured

I remember when I first encountered Bradley Cooper in that overly complicated spy show Alias that was created by JJ Abrams (who later went on to create Lost) and starred Jennifer Garner and ran towards the end of the 90’s. It was a pretty awesome show but it was on Sky One and then Bravo and then I don’t even know so I kinda lost track of it. But the point was that Bradley Cooper played like this minor character in it but he did seem cooler and more charismatic than most of the other characters so I was surprised he didn’t have a bigger role. I didn’t really follow his career after that so I was pretty surprised when he turned up in The Hangover and then became pretty much a household name after the A-Team movie. He even starred alongside Robert De Niro in Limitless, although that did look like it was going to be really crap. In fact, one of my friends dumped his girlfriend because she wanted to see it and he thought it looked so crap  he couldn’t date her anymore because she liked the look of it. True story.

Anyway, Bradley Cooper has probably been getting frustrated that people have been saying he can’t act because he’s pretty good looking and pretty much plays the same character in every single movie he’s in, so he’s done what every actor does when confronted with these allegations: either star in a low budget indie movie or, better yet – and what Bradley Cooper has done – star in a high end play in a famous playhouse, presumably for a minimal fee but to prove to all the doubters that he can, you know, act. Hilariously though – considering how universally recognized Bradley Cooper is at being good looking – he has chosen to portray the title role in The Elephant Man. You know the horifically disfigured man who was a circus freak for a bit or something? I don’t really know the story as I’ve never seen the movie, but I gathered it was something like that.

Now, if this was a movie they could probably make Bradley Cooper look really disfigured through CGI or advanced prosthetic makeup or something. Because it’s a play you would probably assume they could still use some kind of makeup technique to achieve this vision. However, it seems like they completely decided to disregard going down that route and instead made Bradley Cooper act out the whole play like he has double dropped and is pretty much just a drugged up gurner. His hands are even spazzing out all over the place. Now I’m not saying you should laugh at The Elephant Man, because he was a real person and that’s just kind of mean, but this portrayal of his story definitely deserves to be laughed at. Check out some of the pictures below:

Bradley Cooper Elephant Man 2

Bradley Cooper Elephant Man 2

Bradley Cooper Elephant Man 3

Bradley Cooper Elephant Man 5

If you don’t believe us that Bradley Cooper looks like he’s just popped a pill down his local discotheque in these photographs, check out some of the pictures of drugged up gurners and compare and contrast their facial expressions. There’s a definite correlation.


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