Brad Pitt Is Being Investigated Over Child Abuse Allegations


Plot twist.

In yet another dramatic revelation from the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce, it’s emerged that Brad Pitt is now being investigated over child abuse allegations, which may have been the tipping point to Jolie serving her papers.

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According to TMZ (I know, I know), Pitt and his wife were flying into Los Angeles with his wife and kids when he is said to have got really wasted and started ‘shouting and getting physical’ with his kids. Apparently Pitt continued his hysterical rant even after the plane landed and then tried to exit the scene on a fuel truck, although I’m not really sure why that’s relevant or what it’s supposed to imply.


This was the last straw for Jolie and she immediately filed for divorce the day after. She previously said in her statement that she had differences of opinion with Pitt about how their children should be brought up, so I suppose it’s possible that there could be some truth in that. Although it doesn’t really sound from this description that Pitt was really abusing them. It just sounds like he was being a bit of a dickhead and a terrible parent, but everyone has they’re off days I suppose.

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Kinda depends what ‘getting physical’ actually means and like most things in this divorce, I doubt we’ll ever actually find out the absolute truth. Oh well, sure there’s more to come anyway.

For more on the whole Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie thing, check out what Brad’s alleged mistress had to say about it all here. Can you guess?


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