Boyfriend Proposes To Deaf Girlfriend After She Hears For The First Time (VIDEO)

Get ready for an emotional overload.

Hearing actual sound for the first time in your life must be an overwhelming experience, so it must have been emotional overload for Andrea Diaz here when her boyfriend Kevin decided to propose to her while she was still coming to grips with hearing for the first time.

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Lucky for him, it’s difficult to say no when you’re already in one of the best moods of your life:

Science just kicking the shit out of deafness once again. What I don’t get is how Andrea talks so well despite being deaf all her life? Also does she find it the least bit patronising that the doctor is talking to her like she’s a dog or something? Hello, I might be deaf but I’m still human. Although I guess she doesn’t know the difference between a dog voice and serious voice yet so it doesn’t really matter.

Well, I’m just waffling now. Here’s an even more emotional video of another deaf girl hearing for the first time.


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