Outrageous Corner Shop Fight Sees Boyfriend Get Cracked In The Head With Metal Bar Trying To Remove Drunk Girlfriend

You can probably guess how this ends – CARNAGE.

Outrageous altercation here. You’ve got the drunk girlfriend crawling around on her hands and knees and causing total chaos, the elderly shop owners trying to be patient before totally losing their heads, and the pansy boyfriend who doesn’t know if he’s more scared of his girl or the shop owners. Eventually, the whole thing explodes and guess who comes out of it the worst? Yup, the boyfriend:

Gotta be more decisive next time. Either you let your drunk girlfriend wreak havoc inside 7/11 or remove her from the building ASAP. It’s that indecisiveness that will have you caught in the middle with your head busted open every time.

Almost as bonkers as this insane fight on the Chicago streets last year – watch for the guy getting dashed through a shop window.


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