The Boy Who Died On The World’s Tallest Water Slide Was Decapitated

Caleb Schwab


Yesterday we brought you news of the death of Caleb Thomas Schwab, who tragically passed away while riding the world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City.

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At the time, there weren’t any details of exactly how he died other than the fact that it was an accident. Well, it turns out that it’s even more horrific than we could ever have imagined and Caleb was actually decapitated by the ride. Jesus.

Here’s what witness Esteban Castaneda said about the accident:

I heard booms coming from the attraction and saw a body wash down the slide immediately after a raft.

I rushed forward to help, but I was told by lifeguards that there was nothing I could do.

It was at this point I noticed that the boy had been decapitated.

I had ridden the slide with my cousin’s 14-year-old daughter earlier on that day, and she had said that towards the end of the ride the velcro on her safety belt had come undone.


Another witness named Kelsey Friedrichsen elaborated on this:

I saw Schwab fly out of the ride after the first drop and hit the netting surrounding the ride, before falling around 50ft.

Geez. Filling in the blanks it sounds like he came down the first drop, his velcro safety belt wasn’t done up, so he went flying into the nets and somehow this decapitated him as he fell. An absolutely horrific way to go. RIP.

Let’s hope this ride is shut down and whoever made it gets what is coming to them for not making it safe to ride. Not cool.

If you’re still not scared of this waterslide, then check out this promo video about it. Terrifying.


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