Four Year Old Boy Miraculously Survives Horrific ‘Decaptiation’ Following Shocking Car Accident

Killian Gonzalez

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Here’s your unbelievable/inspirational story for today, as a boy miraculously survived a decapitation after he was involved in a car crash over the weekend, all thanks to a stranger who arrived on the scene and held his head and body together perfectly still until medical assistance arrived.

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The crash went down in Boise, Idaho and is detailed in this Facebook post by the stranger who is credited with saving four year old Killian Gonzalez’s life and helping him avoid paralysis. Her name is Leah Woodward:

Jesus. Perhaps a little heavy on the religious rhetoric there, but nonetheless an amazing story for sure. I don’t really understand how someone could have been decapitated and holding their head together at the scene meant that everything managed to work out, but I’m really glad for this kid that it did work out.

Apparently he won’t even need to have surgery to correct it before he gets out of hospital which is just absolutely incredible. It almost makes me want to do a first aid course again so if I’m ever in that kind of situation I’ll be able to help.

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