Boy And Grandparents Kicked Out Of Karen’s Diner For Calling Waitress Fat Slag



Karen’s Diner has been a real revelation over the past couple of years, as a restaurant that people literally attend just so they can hear the waiters and waitresses completely and utterly rinse them whilst serving them their food.

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Turns out that turnabout isn’t fair play within the establishment though after 17 year old Jack Keith revealed that he and his grandparents were kicked out of the Manchester branch of the restaurant after giving some back to the waitress who was serving them by calling her a fat slag. Apparently the abuse that both customers and members of staff are allowed to dish out doesn’t include body shaming, so the manager came over and forced the Keith family to pay off their drinks tabs and leave the venue.

Jack couldn’t believe it, saying the following:

 I agree that if you can’t take it don’t give it.

I was shocked when she told us we had to leave. We thought they’d tell us to pay for the drinks then to sit back down.

She brought it on herself really because I wasn’t going to say anything after she said about my pronunciation.

I’m not going to say something then not be able to take it and start crying about it. I’d take it on the chin, have just laughed about it and say something back.

It was just in the moment and that came to my head so I thought I’d throw that at her. I understand that they think it’s against the rules.

It said ‘no body shaming’ but I couldn’t think of anything [my insult] would have come under because she wasn’t fat. She was your average female build so I don’t know why she took it to heart.

We didn’t have time to read the rules. They just threw them at us and it was a really loud atmosphere. There was a lot going on.

Some of the insults they gave to my grandparents were pretty next-level. Karen’s Diner is a crazy idea and I probably wouldn’t go back.

Yeah I mean this guy sounds like a bit of a knob really doesn’t he? Clearly calling someone a ‘fat slag’ is bodyshaming even if they’re not even overweight. Most people are touchy about their weight anyway so it’s not that surprising that she was upset and it’s kind of crazy this Jack guy is trying to pedal the narrative that he didn’t break any rules when he quite clearly did. Is he dumb or something?

Karen’s Diner themselves have released the following statement about the incident that’s actually really funny and bxtchy towards Jack which I really rate:

[In response] to the allegation that Karen’s staff can ‘give it, but not take it’.

If the ‘Take it’ referred to is simple ‘body abuse’, then the statement is quite correct.

Karen’s Diners will not condone seriously offensive abuse either ‘given’ (which can be grounds for dismissal as all our staff are obliged to work within strict behavioural guidelines) or ‘take it’ as we will always take every stance to protect our staff from unacceptable behaviour.

It is sad that a minority of customers need reminding as to how to behave.

We have no choice but to cater for this minority and accept that it is always possible that they struggle to understand how to click onto the front bar of our website (‘rules’), and perhaps struggle to read the cards (‘House rules’) handed to them on arrival, which state specifically what we consider to be unacceptable behaviour.

Sadly we are unable to personally explain to every customer that calling a waitress a ‘fat s**g’ is very directly ‘body shaming’ and that is why we hand out the House Rule cards.

I accept that there is a distinct possibility that some people perhaps need an explanation as to the meaning of ‘body shaming!’

Perhaps this is what they mean when they say ‘It needs to be made clearer!?’

We spend days teaching our staff how to be rude and funny. Offending anyone is never funny.

When you trawl through the thousands of video clips showing customers enjoying Karen’s dining experience, it will take you some time to find other clips with content similar to the sour clip presented.

We have loved being rude to over 50,000 people in Manchester and we thank 99% of them for being such fun.

Lol so much shade there right? I think that they’re probably correct to act this way though as it’s keeping on brand and there are quite clearly some rules included so as not to bodyshame anyone, so Jack Keith is just coming across as a knob by doing that and then trying to insist that he didn’t? Some people are morons.

For more of the same, check out when Karen’s Diner received a zero food hygiene rating. Maybe you shouldn’t be going there period.



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