Boxing Lessons With Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly

If you want to learn how to box with Eric Kelly be prepared to get ripped to fvck during the process.

Eric Kelly
Meet Eric Kelly, four-time National Amateur Boxing champion and two-time NYC Golden Glove tournament winner. Eric works as a one-on-one boxing coach at Church Street boxing gym, New York, and trains a bunch of ‘Wall Street fvcking nerds’, as he likes to call them. Personal trainers, one-on-one athletic coaches, even ballet instructors (think Black Swan) have always been given an edge in Hollywood as being damn right harsh to their trainees, shouting profanities in their face until they pull off that last press up. Eric takes a more laid back approach, and rather than screaming in their faces and breaking a sweat he simply tells them what he really thinks of them, usually ripping the fvck out of them in the process. Eric says that all his clientele are rich Wall Street pussies who should stay in their offices, stating “You don’t see me going to motherfucking Wall Street, picking up a fvcking briefcase trying to type, do you?”. We hear you Eric. Check it:


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