Bowlcut Is The New Clothing Brand Putting A Middle Finger Up To Global Brands And UK Politics


Sick garms.

Bowlcut is a new clothing brand launched by two designers who go by the names J and A. A is originally from Germany and has work on some pretty major events with some big designers. And while J has no experience on design, he has a keen eye on political and fashion movements.

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The last eight months their t-shirt range in particular has been getting noticed for their sick merge of anti-establishment statements taking the piss out of big-time brands. We spoke to these new boys on the block to find out more about Bowlcut and where they’re heading.


When did you start the brand and what was the inspiration behind it?

We had a fair bit of time off over Christmas last year and started making t-shirt designs to entertain ourselves. We’d Whatsapp the designs to each other and try and merge the last design with something better. We realised we had something and after a few weeks brainstorming we launched Bowlcut.

We’ve been called anti-establishment and we agree with this to a certain extent. We just really enjoy the feedback we get from peeps online and nudge each other when we see our designs out and about in London.

There’s a huge feeling of disparity between the 1% and the rest of society. Our designs represent these feelings of unrest. We’re basically a middle finger up to any global brand or political figure.

We’ve also done a couple of tees for charity, the ‘Harvey G’ tee which got backing from most national newspapers and Jordan herself and the ‘Stop Killing The Mandem’ tee which was inspired by Novelist.


What are your biggest selling designs?

We’ve only been running for 8 months but the ‘BumBaClart’, ‘Dun Know’, ‘Mandem’, our other charity t-shirt ‘Harvey The G’ and our ‘David Cameron – Wasteman’ have all sold really well.

I think we’ve done about 30 odd designs though which looking back on, has been exhausting but fun.

Have you got into any trouble for your parodies of brand logos yet?

Not yet, but it’s something we’re conscious of. We always make our tees limited edition but it’s something we’ll have to be more cautious of as we grow. We’re not the first brand to do this so we can only take inspiration from other brands that have started in this way and made their own mark with original concepts.


What should we watch out for from Bowlcut Garms in the near future?

A collab with a brand which is so big it feels silly just to say it out loud and lots more of our signature ‘Camden Market Reject’ collection. We got parred by Camden Market when we first started for being too dodgy, which we can laugh about now, but stung at the time as their quality control isn’t actually strict.

We’re also going up in the world and doing lots more sweats, zipped hoodies and very limited runs of jackets this autumn.


For once, we’re looking forward to the colder and darker days of the year, as we can’t wait to release the items.

Nice. If you’d like to purchase some Bowlcut products or hear more about the company, click HERE.


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