VIDEO: Sony Sells New Waterproof MP3 Player In Bottle Of Water

Bottled Walkman

Yep, this is definitely the best way to 100% prove that something is waterproof.

When you see a product labelled as waterproof there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be completely sceptical of it because it’s been well documented in the past that there are several products that claim to be waterproof and then just break as soon as they go anywhere near the water, and you just feel like an idiot for having bought them and gone swimming with them in the first place.

Sony were only too aware of this stigma attached to waterproof products, so to market their new waterproof MP3 player in New Zealand they teamed up with ad agency DraftCB to develop the Bottled Walkman – the MP3 player that comes to you from a vending machine actually inside a bottle of water. If that doesn’t prove to you that the thing is waterproof then I guess nothing will.

Genius marketing and you can see a live demonstration of someone buying a Bottled Walkman from a vending machine below:

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