Boston Dynamics Robots Can Now Do Parkour Without Breaking A Sweat (VIDEO)


Whenever I feature one of these videos of the robots coming out of Boston Dynamics I feel like I comment about how it’s absolutely insane that anyone is actively creating mechanical beings that can do all this stuff because you know, the ‘Terminator’ movies, but it seems like I’m writing one of these things every other month and the robots are getting more and more dangerous/lethal and nobody is listening to me. Why do you think that is?

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Anyway, this latest video again features Boston Dynamics’ flagship robot Atlas who can now do parkour more impressively than your average human being. Probably more impressively than someone who has trained at parkour their entire life as well for that matter:

Whaaaat? Whilst it’s undeniably impressive that this company has managed to create robots that can do stuff like this without even breaking a sweat (deliberately being ironic there, I know robots don’t sweat), I stand by my original comments that this is highly concerning and it’s not going to be too long before these guys become self aware and literally enslave the human race. We all laugh about it now but give it ten years and see what happens.

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