Boston Dynamics Just Released The ‘Nightmare Inducing’ Hybrid Robot


Skynet is now.

Technology is always coming on leaps and bounds and when you stop and think about it, the advancements science and technology have made in the last decade or so are incredible.

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The latest piece of future tech to utterly amaze me is this robot from Boston Dynamics named Handle. It’s 6’5″ tall, can travel at 9mph and jump 4 feet in the air vertically. It uses electric power and can travel around 15 miles on one charge. It’s coming for you basically.

Handle also combines wheels and legs which means it can travel over virtually any surface – wheels work on flat surfaces and are extremely efficient, whereas legs can go almost anywhere. Check it out in action below (my description of it really doesn’t do it justice):

Holy fuck is that not absolutely terrifying? It’s like we’re literally living in the future – you could easily imagine that robot banging down your door and attacking/beating the absolute shit out of you like in ‘Terminator’. Are people not going to learn from those movies? I fear that this is the beginning of the end.

For more terrifying robots, check out what Google have up their sleeves. Everyone’s at it.


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