Bosnian Rambo

Bosnian Rambo

if Rambo had been made in Bosnia it might look a bit like this. I would hope that the budget might have been slightly higher to include some other people in the movie other than the main character though and feature more action than just him running round the forest with a bunch of different weapons looking like a twat though.

Bosnian Rambo

Shout out to Daniel Gershfield for this one. I don’t really know what’s going on in this clip though. It’s labelled as the Bosnian Rambo or Rambro and is basically a pumped up guy called Nedzad Klicic running around shooting guns and bows and arrows as he attempts to be a Bosnian Rambo. That synopsis might make the video sound awesome, or at least slightly cool but that’s the thing, it completely isn’t either of those things. I think the main factor that contributes to this is the fact that there is nobody else in the video. I mean sure it’s all good looking tough  and running around like a badass but when you aren’t actually firing guns at anyone you just end up looking like a twat. Like even Rambo himself wouldn’t look that cool if he was just firing guns and nobody was firing guns at him and he didn’t even kill anyone. He would just look like this Bosnian Rambo i.e. a complete tool.

The effect is accentuated by the fact that I’m pretty sure in most of the shots of him firing the guns he isn’t actually firing them and he’s just miming firing them and they’ve tacked on the sound effects over the top of them i.e. it sounds and looks even worse than I just described in the opening paragraph. There’s some parts that are slightly cooler when he’s firing a bow and arrow at people but again when you don’t see where the arrow goes it makes the effect way worse. There’s a really cool part where he comes out of the water a la Rambo and fires his arrow but again you don’t see where it’s going so you don’t really give a fvck. It’s near the end of the video too so you’re probably just laughing at him by this point anyhow. There is one kind of cool bit where he’s posing with a gun and a dangerous looking snake is crawling on him but it doesn’t really make any sense and isn’t really that cool anyhow. It’s just way more exciting than the rest of the video because there’s actually some element of danger as opposed to just some lame Bosnian guy running around the woods on his own pretending to fire guns because the guy looks like he’s actually bricking it, even though it’s not a very old snake and I don’t think it’s poisonous.

Oh yeah, and there’s a few parts where ‘BORN FOR ACTION’ comes flowing across the screen like the kind of shit you might put on the first movie you ever learned to make with iMovie or whatever. I was looking into this guy too and apparently after this video was released because he had his address and phone number on it,he was arrested by the Bosnian authorities for owning so many badass weapons, even though he clearly doesn’t know how to use them. That fact only serves to add to the legend of the Bosnian Rambo. What an absolute idiot.

It’s a pretty jokes video to check out though:

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