Boris Johnson’s Olympic Message – Cassetteboy Style

Cassetteboy is back. Boris Johnson’s Olympic message has never felt so right.

It’s not long now until the Olympics begin and I dunno about you but the anticipation is becoming too much. I’m as excited as Michael Barrymore pounding some rentboy’s bum. Watching fat people blasting some clay pigeons, watching some posh cunt and his horse mincing around as they get top marks in the equestrian and watching two guys in bee-keepers’ masks poke each other with swords as sharp as my bellend in the fencing competition is really something to get excited about, right? Nah, is it fvck. Football and the 100 metres is all the Olympics is good for, really. I’ll watch the diving as well, though, because it’s good to watch if you fancy laughing at the divers’ faces as they jump off the board and bullet down into the water. They look like orcs. The swimsuits ain’t bad on the women divers, either. That’s another added bonus for sitting through the drawn-out sewage of the shitty Olympics.

Boris Johnson, aka a forgotten member of the X-Men, seems to be really up for the Olympics, though. Can’t blame him. He’ll have women of every nationality trying to suck him off because they’ve been drawn in by his Kinder Egg head and the 5 year old’s hair he keeps sticking to his head. He’s gonna have no problem busting a nut. Boris seems to be really up with Cassetteboy, as well, though, as this video shows, so I suppose he is a bit of a bro and we love Cassetteboy here at Sick Chirpse so we sorta feel obliged to give old Boris a handshake and a can of lager from Lidl’s or something.

Cassetteboy‘s done it again. Check it:


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